Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Career In Cyber Security

Career in Cyber Security

Well, we all knew about Cyber Security and we wanted to get into Cyber Security. But, do you know What are the possibilities to get into Cyber Security and how the life will be in Cyber Security. You are going to find out the answers for all of your questions in this blog. This blog is for the people who are looking to start their career in Cyber Security or wanting to switch to other domain.

Before Writing this blog. I met some professionals asking How? Why? When? they came into Cyber Security. So, the answers will be based on their experience and suggestions.

Let's begin with this basic question.

Who can get into Cyber Security?

There is no gender inequality or any other discrimination's in Cyber Security. Even if you are from any other technical or non technical background other than Computers/IT .Background doesn't matter here. Through Proper Training and Mentoring anybody can get a job in Cyber Security But Building a successful career and professionalism in Cyber Security is in our hands.

Many of the professionals, who are from Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Metallurgy and other Non Technical fields, successfully built their career in Cyber Security. Even I'm from Mechanical Background But my passion led me to get into Cyber Security.

So ,if you are Passionate about it. Nothing can stop you from being what you like and what you want to be.

Now let's move on to your second Question...

How to Get Into Cyber Security?

First we'll talk about our perspective.

Many of us think, Getting into Cyber Security is an easy part. But it's not. A lot of skills are required both technically and logically. Not only our technical skills but also our logical skills also matter in Cyber Security.

I wanted to bust some of the myths That believe that they can get us a job.

Myth-1:  CTF's

CTF's (Capture The Flag) are best practices to improve our skills in Cyber Security. The main concept of CTF's are to introduce the concept of a vulnerability and where we can find such vulnerabilities. This also highlights the way of approach to find that vulnerability. But sadly these CTF's can't get you a job. Including major platforms like tryhackme & Hackthebox.

Myth-2:  Certifications

We have plenty of certifications in Cyber Security such as oscp, ceh, cissp, ccna, oswe, osed, etc .May be they can get interviews but clearing those interviews will be in our hands. To clear those certifications, we need to get training. We can also clear them without training but definitely we'll miss some of the important concepts.

Myth-3:  Bug Bounty

This one is the most popular trending hot topic everyone is trying to be. But being a bug hunter is really a bad idea. Most of the people choose bug bounty as their career. But in my opinion Being a bug Hunter is a toughest job. It is fine Only as a habit. But Full time bug bounty is not a decent one. As we mentioned in above myth, It can get you interviews but clearing those interviews is in our hands. And for a successful bug hunter, A mentor is necessary.

I hope I covered all the myths. If anything is missing Let me know in the comments section.

Now let's speak reality.

After talking to many of the professionals. There journey began with these two-

Through Practical Training:

Many of the professionals said, They are mentored by some institution or a private company to get into Cyber Security. Having Proper Training and Clearing all the concepts and understanding every concept in a practical manner might be a way to get a job with decent pay scale. They also mentioned "Having a good understanding in the concepts can help you to clear the interview and also help you to grow in your professional life."

Campus placement: 

Some of them cleared the campus interview and started their career as a fresher in Cyber Security.But at the beginning it was tough. But Later it was like an interesting game.

Up to Now, I hope everyone reading this, is clear about Getting into Cyber Security.

Now let's dig deeper....

How will be the workload and tremble in Cyber Security?

After I asked about this Question, The way they answered made me wonder.

Apart from their job role. They said "it was fun. Everyday is new Day in Cyber Security And it helped us to learn New Things Everyday."

So,When we are in Cyber Security, we have to learn New Technologies and have to understand them, the way they behave and the way they communicate. By Doing these things we can find a way to exploit them before they get into the market.

Now, The Workload Will be moderate,But Even at Heavy workloads we can Enjoy the work in Cyber Security. It is like a game. But sometimes it can make us frustrated but it is enjoyable when we do our work.

When the attack Happened, Being an Incident Response Team We have to work late nights. But We are doing what we love.

All these answers are based on the real answers given by the professionals.

OK, we know how to get into Cyber Security, We know how is the work life

Choosing Career in Cyber Security

Now we'll talk about What to choose if you are into cybersecurity. 

Well, Cyber Security has different sub-domains mainly focused on different concepts. If you are good at something Then you can easily build a career.

  • If you are good in networking, you can choose Network Security. Basically Network Security requires keen Understanding of every networking  concept starting from routers, switches, layers to firewalls, antivirus etc. But This sub-domain mainly focuses on security aspects only.
  • For Network Security,Having a CCNA certification will be an advantage. But it won't get you  a job. It just give you a detailed understanding of networking concepts.

If you are good at Development, Application Security is better for you.

In Application security, we have different areas.

  • If You are good at Web Application. You can choose web Application security.It Helps you get more understanding of what is going on.
  • If you are good at Android/IoS development. Then Mobile Application Security is the better choice.

  • If you are good at Coding. We'll Application development is also a coding department. But, If you love to code. Then cryptography is your choice. The best Department for coding lovers.

  • If you are good at assembly language and C++, Then Reverse Engineering and Malware analysis will be good for you.

If you are new to cybersecurity. Well,No worries. Just select your sub-domain and start working on it. Learning the basic concepts in that sub-domain will help to grow.


As we discussed above,I want to make a statement here.Even if you are good at any one of them. It won't Get you a job. It will help you to understand what’s going on. That's it. You need to understand the loopholes, Exploiting Strategies and even need to develop a black-hat hacker ideology to think what he can do if he wants to hack this. Where he can take advantage. Understanding and developing these things will make you a Successful Hacker.

So, I hope everyone is clear about your queries. Please let me know if you have any queries.

Thank You..

Keep Learning And Keep Growing...


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